Second story additions in Perth to a house are a way to make more space for your family. In this article, we discuss various aspects that should be taken into consideration, if you are trying a project of this type.

With a growing family, you begin to feel the need for more space in your home and you start looking for second story additions in Perth. The addition of a second story addition is a prudent and economical way to add more space. Such additions are important home renovation jobs, which require one to take a lot of issues into consideration, before moving on.

There are two ways in which you can make space in your farmhouse. One of them is horizontal growth, through the construction of more space around it, with the purchase of land around the building. The second, more economical option is to grow vertically upwards by adding another story to your home. The construction of second story additions in Perth is the increasingly preferred solution by a majority of people, who need to have more space. Some people even add a story to a garage, to create homes or small study rooms.

This type of a project gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and create additional services that could not be added before. The purchase of new land and the construction of more, usually costs more, than the addition of another history of an existing property. Let’s see what is the recommended procedure to go about, in the case of the second history additions and what are the conditions that make this a feasible move.

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Points to consider when thinking of second story additions in Perth

This important operation building homes will require a cost analysis and meticulous planning, before you can move on.

  1. Obtain a permit from local authorities

To build another story, a permit from a local or zonal authority is generally necessary. There are certain rules about how high a structure can be built in certain areas. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain an authorization from local authorities. You will have a permit once you submit a design plan.

  1. Get in touch with the local architect and contractor

The next thing to do is contact your architect and get his advice on the viability of the project. You may want to tell him about what your expectations are, about the number of rooms built on the second floor, and the additional services. This will help your architect to arrive at a design for a story addition, which is consistent with your existing house plan and takes into account all your expectations. It is necessary to contact local contractors to get an idea about the cost per square foot, to build a new plant. LA Webb Construction helps you any time you need second story additions in Perth.

  1. Structural Considerations

An important thing that will be examined by an architect or structural engineer is whether the foundation structure of the house and the existing wall can support the additional weight of another story. The amount of reinforcement that will be necessary will be calculated before starting your second story additions in Perth.

  1. Creation of a Design

After structural strength is taken into consideration, an architectural plan created can be obtained. This will involve a lot of issues, such as the way in which the pipe system for the new plant will be added, the construction of stairs, electrical wiring plan, and other such considerations. The whole plan will be largely influenced by the design of its original floor and the foundation of the house.

  1. Calculating the cost per square foot

After having a plan ready in hand, an estimate of the total cost involved in the construction of a second floor can be made. This will include the cost of renovation the roof and putting on a new slab, floors, ceilings, plumbing, and the addition of all other necessary services. A decisive factor will be the cost of construction materials and, of course, labour costs. Consulting a local contractor will give you a total estimate for the cost of construction. Make sure that you maintain a 15% to 20% margin of additional cost increase, which may arise due to contingencies, but here at LA Webb Construction we are very precise at helping you construct second story in Perth.

  1. Going for construction, look for professionals in second story additions in Perth

With the plan in hand, permits from local authorities, availability of funds and contracting of contractors, you are ready to begin construction. You may have to move your family to a place, until the construction work ends. Make a projected building schedule and ensure that things go according to it, at LA Webb Construction we help you with this and ensure your second story additions in Perth are a success.

Therefore, these were the most important factors that should be taken into account, while adding a second floor to your existing home. Take this opportunity to completely renovate your home and turn it into a more spacious and comfortable home for days to come.

Sometimes the inspiration fails us or we are not able to unify our budget with our expectations, or we simply have no idea how to get the ideal decoration. Relax, everything has a solution and you should not always go through hiring an interior designer.

Look for ideas in magazines and websites, follow the Instagram accounts of the interior design gurus and surround yourself with friends who are willing to accompany you, help you and advise you; In addition to always helping a hand, the process will be much more fun. But for professional second story additions in Perth at LA Webb Construction you will certainly find the type of service you need to make your house look excellent.