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Q. Are you apart of a association ?

A. Yes, we are apart of the master builders association and have been for over 10 years

Q. Are you insured ?
A. Yes we are fully insured for public liability and workers compensation. We also take out home indemnity insurance for every home we work. This covers the client for$ 10,000,000 in case of builder falls ill, bankruptcy ,damage caused by weather elements / fire ETC
Q. How long will the project take?

A. As a tailored builder each of or projects are never the same, but once we have scheduled the job, we will give you a realistic time frame for hand over.

Q. Do you have a good trade base?

A. We have hand selected our trades over the past 10 years and are confident with the quality of tradesmen working on our projects.

Q. Can we supply some of the tiles / plumbing selections/ETC

A. Yes, we have no problem with that as long as they meet Australian standards. You will be credited from the PC sum allowance.

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