Transforming A Craigie House Into A Family Home

Many homeowners find that what once suited them perfectly years ago needs updating as their family and needs change. When this happens, they call L.A Web Construction.

We were recently contacted by a customer from Craigie to undertake renovations on his home in order to make it more family friendly. While he had purchased the home in 2003, it was still in the state it was in when it was first built in the late seventies/early eighties.

Right away we knew this was probably going to be a major overhaul of a renovation, which was confirmed when we visited the property and saw that it’s interior design was out of date and not really suited to the lifestyle of a 21st century family.

In addition to wanting a more modern home, our client also wanted more space. As most Craigie homes are built on larger blocks, we examined the home and found that it was more sloped to the rear, meaning we needed to first build a retaining wall to level the entire home out, so that more space could be safely added.

Once this was done, we worked on extending the home to include a guest bedroom and alfresco entertainment/dining area. Previously the home did not make use of its outdoor space, so this was a great addition. We included triple stack sliding doors so that even when the alfresco area isn’t in use the homeowners can still enjoy a fantastic outdoor view. A built-in table was also added to this section. We then overhauled the bathrooms and kitchen and once this was completed, only the original cavity of the home remained.

As a finishing touch, we replaced all the tiled flooring and carpeting in the home with new ones. Not only were these options more attractive but being hardier and more stain resistant than ones produced in the seventies and eighties we could assure our client that it would be easy to maintain and suitable for even the busiest household.

While the client was regularly kept up to date on what we were doing, how we were doing it and why we were doing it, they were still completely blown away when they saw the end result. Renovating homes might be our main business, but the look that a client gives us after a job well done is a welcome bonus.



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