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How to tile your home kitchen

We will see step by step and with some real examples, how to tile the kitchen both in the front and the rest of the walls using ceramic tile. This process and how our experts complete it successfully have earned us many of our positive kitchen renovations in Perth reviews.

But before we start, let’s answer the most common questions: Before tiling or placing tiles on the wall, you must check that the surface to be coated is in perfect condition. It must be clean and flat. If this is not the case, it must be corrected previously. With our superior kitchen renovations in Perth with reviews that are up to your expectations you can have peace of mind knowing your kitchen will look excellent.

You can play with visual effects: if the pieces are placed horizontally, the room will appear larger; If placed vertically, it will appear to have the highest ceilings. This is something our experts have very clear because they are aware of our positive reviews in kitchen renovations in Perth.

It is important to buy the tiles with the same tone and gauge code so that there is no difference between the pieces. The boxes contain the data. It is also good to keep some spare parts to solve possible breaks. We offer kitchen renovations in Perth with reviews that consistently work as a pillar in the opinion of our clients.

Once we have a clean and flat wall, the first step is to apply the adhesive paste on the surface. Secondly, the glue cement is applied to the tile. Then the pieces are placed and adjusted next to each other. Fourth, the joints are filled with horizontal and vertical movements. And finally, the excess is cleaned and the tiles are balanced.

Key for our kitchen renovations in Perth with great reviews. How to tile the kitchen easily with these steps:

Let’s do it! The first course begins at ground level. Adhesive paste is applied with a spatula on the notched trowel. The size of the trowel tooth depends on the size of the piece. The paste is applied from the bottom up. Placed the paste, apply a bit of glue cement well spread on the tile. When putting the tile on the wall, it is pressed and tapped with the rubber mallet so that it sits on the paste. The quality of the service we offer have provided us with good reviews in all kitchen renovations in Perth completed.

You have to check with the bubble level that the tile is level. It is rectified by hitting with the rubber mace. The same process is continued until reaching the other wall.

Pieces may have to be cut to cover the remaining gap. The most common is to mark with a pencil the cutting measure on the back of the tile to cut with precision. Once all the tiles have been laid, and the drying time is expected, it is time to fill the joints. Grout paste is prepared and applied with a rubber trowel on the walls. It is pressed well and with fan movements, horizontal and vertical passes are made. Once the grout paste is applied, the excess is removed.

Our knowledge in this field has allowed us to accumulate excellent kitchen renovations in Perth with reviews that exceed our clients’ expectations. The surface is then cleaned with a slightly damp sponge and all the tiles are balanced by pressing on them, but never on the joints. And to show off new kitchen! We hope this guide has been useful to know the work process when learning how to tile the home kitchen.

How to change a kitchen faucet in your home

An important part of the services that have made us accumulate good reviews for kitchen renovations in Perth is ensuring every part of the kitchen works fine. This article sets out in an orderly manner, each of the steps you must take when changing a kitchen faucet. But before we start, we will explain a couple of terms. Square wrenches are those keys that are under the sink in the bathroom and that open and close the passage of hot and cold water, these keys provide us with a step cut to the tap that needs to be changed, and tsihis way you will not run out of water in the rest of the house.

As the leading providers of renovation services and proud holders of many positive reviews for kitchen renovations in Perth we tell you that the O-RING is a connector that has rubber inside washers and serves to ensure the tightness of the mechanical seals in the water pipes. We are going to use them because, in this case, it replaces Teflon more effectively.

We are going to change a kitchen faucet by following these tips:

  • We will avoid accidents by closing the stopcock to cut the water. The hoses or strings will be disassembled. We will completely remove the old tap. And again we will connect the new tap.
  • Let’s go for it! Being in the place of assembly for the installation, before starting to disassemble the existing tap we cut the water by closing the square keys that are in the wall, in this way the water is not cut throughout the house, only in the tap that is changed. Then the tap that we are going to replace is removed, starting with the branches that are connected to the square brackets. We remove the old tap by loosening the screw that holds it to the sink with a flathead screwdriver, and with the help of a wrench we unscrew it and remove.
  • It only remains to connect, normally the hoses are standard, so you can take advantage of those that had the old tap. You have to look at the colours when screwing them. In this case, thanks to the O-rings, we will not have to make use of Teflon. This trick has earned us many positive kitchen renovations in Perth reviews.

Remember that here at LA Webb Construction you will find skilled professionals who are proud members of the Western Australia Master Builders Association providing premium kitchen renovations in Perth with reviews that will leave you without words, at a cost that you will not believe.