If you want to have a luxury bathroom in your home you will have to know some features to get it. To achieve this, it is not necessary that you have a large bathroom, you will simply need to use ingenuity and know some features to make your bathroom luxurious and you can enjoy this stay as if you were in a spa.

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The bathtub

Luxury bathroom in Perth need to have a good quality bathtub with an excellent design. You can choose a material such as cast iron, copper or brass to retain the heat of the water, although options such as porcelain or an acrylic bathtub can also be an excellent option. Stone and wood bathtubs require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition, something that also happens with copper and brass bathtubs.

The secluded bathtub

Once you know that the bathtub has to be an essential in your luxury bathroom, you should know that to really be an exclusive bathroom you will have to have a separate room for the bathtub. We do not mean that you have a toilet room and a bathroom, in the same room you can achieve great results. For example, you can separate the bathroom area with the toilet area with a glass, curtains, with enough space and even with a screen, remember space distribution is very important to achieve an elegant look in your luxury bathroom in Perth.

Warm ground

There is nothing more luxurious than having radiant heat floors. Stepping on marble floors that are warm and that you can go barefoot without having to have a hard time is really an excellent pleasure. This system is somewhat expensive to install and if you do not know about electricity it is better that a professional install it, but it is really worth it.

A shower

In the same luxury bathrooms in Perth that have a nice bathtub, in addition, if you want to complete it with authentic luxury you can think about installing a large glass shower or a steam shower. Ideally, place the shower at one end of the bathroom, on the opposite side of the bathtub, although there are those who find it more convenient to place it right next to it.

But if you really want a bathroom with real luxury, then you will have to include a steam shower or sauna. Can you imagine enjoying an authentic spa in your home after a hard day at work? One idea is to think about what your bathroom is like or how you want it to be and to be able to think about the exact features that you can include in your bathroom to include a steam shower or a sauna, this will make an important difference among common bathrooms and luxury bathrooms in Perth.

Steam showers

There are several models of steam showers on the market and one that is really good is the one that includes massage jets, chromotherapy and even aromatic scents.

Towel warmers

It is not necessary that you have everything mentioned above to have towel warmers, but even the most basic bathroom will be luxurious with a towel warmer just for the pleasure of being able to wrap yourself in a hot towel. Towel warmers are a must for any luxury bathroom.

Space distribution in luxury bathrooms in Perth

First of all, it is necessary to know the difference between a bathroom and a restroom. The difference lies in the disappearance of certain components in the room.

A bathroom will have a sink, toilet, bidet, shower or bathtub, especially luxury bathrooms in Perth which must include all the amenities that ensure the comfort of you and any guests using it. However, a restroom only has a sink and toilet. On some occasions it also has a bidet, but it has neither a bathtub nor a shower. Once this is known, we must pay due attention to the dimensions of the cabin.

It is mandatory to distribute everything so that they respect the optimal measures and distances for each element. Otherwise we could fall into errors that result in ineffective and uncomfortable bathrooms. It is not about putting the maximum of things, but that everything stays in its place. Comfortable and baggy.

Do not forget that in front of the sink you must leave a perimeter of manoeuvre. It has to be wide enough to allow us to move freely.

The height of the toilets is usually around 80-90 cm from the floor. There are with and without foot and attached to the wall. The latter is very useful for people with wheelchairs. The mirror, as is evident, must be placed at a standard height that allows the correct use of the person.

It will be placed on the sink about 10-15 cm above it.

Extra steps to increase visual appeal in luxury bathrooms in Perth

  • Take any mirror and reconstruct it by adding a simple wooden frame, lights, etc. Another option is to repaint the existing frame with decorative paint with some effect such as metal.
  • Go to any bazaar, large area or specialized hardware store. There you will surely find all kinds of storage options such as shelves and their supports.
  • You can also recycle those shelves that you don’t use or that are in another place. You just have to be creative to give it the necessary touch to put them in the white bathroom.


  • Renew door handles, bathroom hangers, towel rails, sanitary support kit, etc.
  • Change the floor mat of the bathroom.
  • If you have a budget, change the faucet.

Bear in mind that for specialised renovations, granny flats and the construction of luxury bathrooms in Perth you can contact us today, here at LA Webb Construction we will turn your bathroom into an elegant area where comfort meets sophistication.