Either because you want more square meters in your house or because you need a new space or because you have the place available and you can do it, building an extension in your house is the solution.

No two projects are the same. First you have to consider the dimensions of the area in which you want to build, what are the needs and what are the possibilities to carry out these home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth, whether by budget, space or permits. It is important to get good advice and make the necessary permits according to the city where you live.

The purpose of making an extension is to increase the size and space available, while maintaining the dynamics and functionality. In this blog we share suggestions of spaces and tips to build extensions in the western suburbs in Perth.

LA Webb Construction is a well-established business offering reliable services of home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and help you find the right type of extension for your house or apartment. Here at LA Webb Construction making your house increase its value is our priority.

Increase the free space in your kitchen

Extensions in the western suburbs in Perth may be the answer to the little place you have in the kitchen. A new kitchen, with more place, more light and new views. Remember that it is necessary to verify the gas and water connections of this new space.

Think of all the members and all the functions that you must fulfil: kitchen place, refrigerator, storage place, daily dining room and even living room. Fill it with elements that cover all those needs and give you more pleasure in your family life.

A new living

If you have free space and the conditions are ideal to make home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth you can allocate that space to a new living room. It is the place where you spend a large part of your days, where you receive friends or play with your children, so why not make it more important?

Plan the new distribution of the house in such a way that the other rooms have access to the new living room and do not have to go through a bedroom. Take advantage of the new space to make large windows that fill your new living room with light and life.

A great idea for home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth: gallery to enjoy all year

A gallery! A functional space like a living but outside. It is not necessary to make enclosures, although it is recommended if you want to use it all year. A simple extension of one of the side ceilings and a nice floor suitable for outdoors already turn this space into a gallery or winter garden if it is closed.

To be super comfortable: good armchairs, pillows, blankets and support tables, all elegantly combined. You are already planning it, right?

An in-house gym

Enough of excuses! If what you needed to start exercising at home was space, that extension could be dedicated to a home gym.

A shed that doesn’t keep up with the house

This additional space you will have once you have completed home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth may be designed to store and organise tools and other items that are not for everyday use, but necessary. If you have a garden, the elements to keep it. If you have children, voluminous and outdoor games and toys. Tools, memories, furniture that we do not use but we do not want to discard, everything can go to a shed.

It is one of the easiest buildings for an extension and does not need to be attached to the rest of the house. But if you don’t want to lose in style, keep in mind that the extension responds to the general style of the house.

Once built, fill it with shelves, storage places and a good light if you plan to work on it. You are going to wonder how you could live so long without a shed!

Using home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth to turn a space into a home studio

To connect this new space with the rest of your house you will need something more than skill, also knowledge and experience. You have to have professionals who know about their work. Once you have the plans of your house, consult with an architect how to make the expansion you have in mind.

As we mentioned before it is important to take into account the integral distribution of the house, so that this new area is integrated, easy to access and communicated with the rest. The second important thing to keep in mind is to know the position of the beams and the connections of light, gas and water. You may have to demolish walls to lift new ones.

When you make home extensions in the western suburbs in Perth, you need the municipal permit and authorization. It is recommended that you go to your municipality to collect all the necessary information as it changes according to each province and depends on the work you are going to do.

You will need the original plans of your house and the plans of the new work. You will also be asked for the signature of the architect or studio in charge of the renovation. In this type of work, it is required to have the permits. Once you have done all the paperwork and have authorized the work, you can only start there.

Yes, it can be bureaucratic, but it is necessary if you want to avoid large fines. And the results are worth it!

Remember that here at LA Webb Construction you will find skilled professionals who are proud members of the Western Australia Master Builders Association. Contact us today to learn more about our services.