If you are giving up before you start planning your kitchen renovation at low cost in Perth is obviously because you don’t have a big budget, but don’t let this discourage you! The secret of home renovations is to change very little and achieve a lot. How? With authenticity and creativity.

When living in our house for years we tend to memorise its spaces, the appearance, the order or disorder of things and suddenly everything seems monotonous and without joke, and we think that to achieve a change we must restructure the whole house, almost return it to build, when it really isn’t.

With a transformation, small but substantial, like kitchen renovations at low cost, we can generate a whole new atmosphere, breathe new air and fall in love with our home again. The important thing is to decide what we want to change, which elements will have a greater effect before our eyes and, above all, which will produce a much more functional and attractive space.

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  1. Buy new benches

Sometimes what darkens our kitchen and makes it appear dull and dimly lit are the furniture: if they are heavy, of intense and dark colours, they only hinder the passage of light and the fluidity of the traffic. This is an easy process for kitchen renovations at low cost, and it requires very little time.

You can change them, make a garage sale and look for a set of light-coloured chairs, wooden benches without backrest or, much more modern, acrylic benches: they are transparent, look radiant, modern, elegant, sophisticated and help in the lighting of the place.

  1. Change the colour

If your kitchen is made of some material that can be coated with paint, be it wood or chipboard, it is time to change its colour. Choose only some elements, the tall and slender cupboards, the upper cabinets or, if it is a dark and intense colour, the recommended ones are the lower ones and leave light colours in the upper part. Combine soft colours with intense touches and lean on decorative elements such as fruit bowls, wall paintings and curtains or blinds.

  1. Integrate a bar

If there is a space where you can place a small table or bar, take advantage of it! You can do it with a wooden board or board, which you can cover with stainless steel, melamine or create your own mosaic with ceramic pieces or tiles. On one side you can embed it on the outermost part of a countertop or directly on the wall, and on the other end it places legs, in some furniture stores they already sell these pieces of different dimensions and they are only screwed to the wood of the table. Place a couple of benches and you already have a kitchen with a breakfast bar! This is an excellent way to complement your kitchen renovations at low cost and make your kitchen look excellent.

  1. Integrate a new mosaic

If the cabinets and cupboards of your kitchen are installed directly on the wall or the tile you have is already old and discoloured, a good investment is to change it and place a new tile, modern, colourful, bright. The investment is not very large since the areas to cover are small: between the countertops and the upper cupboards. You should consider the material and workmanship, and hire a professional in the field because remember that sometimes cheap is expensive, in the long run. And bear in mind that here at

Take the opportunity to give the furniture a new turn, polish the doors and the countertop, degrease the hood, renew the decorative details and you will see that in a two by three you will feel you have a new kitchen. Complete excellent kitchen renovations at low cost here at LA Webb Construction.

  1. Change the style with few details

You can give it a new vintage or hipster air if you integrate some rustic wooden benches, a pair of industrial-style lamps but in neutral colours such as gray or creams. Change the handles to pieces of opaque metal or wood and place curtains instead of doors in open cupboards. The effect will be lovely.

  1. Integrate lights into special points

You can get a good package of spots or slats of led lights to illuminate shelves, on certain countertops or in the cupboards of transparent doors. Typically, these require a particular electrical system, which would take extra expense, but there are separate parts with recharge batteries that are simply placed, either with glue or screwed, and turned on with a small integrated switch. You will not spend much and the result will be bright!

  1. Change the countertop to a new bar

You can focus your efforts on a single point of the kitchen: the countertop of the island or the bar that delimits the space with the rest of the house. If possible, take the exact measurements and order to make a piece of granite or stainless steel but includes a curved perimeter to the side. Once the piece is ready, install it on the cabinet, leaving the curved part towards the outermost part of the kitchen, and you will have a new functional breakfast bar that will not take away work space for food preparation. A good idea! As well as finding excellent kitchen renovations at cost you will not believe.

  1. Change curtains, blinds and shutters

To integrate the colours of the furniture with the windows, you can get rid of the old curtains and install a set of shutters or shutters, or renew the curtains with new roller shades. The windows will have a new look, better combined and novel.

  1. Change the faucet

And finally, a small detail that changes not only the appearance but the functionality of our kitchen: the faucet. With that little guard you have and if there is no other priority point to remodel, an excellent investment is to buy new taps: they come with integrated mixer, with a single key, with separate keys, with two water outlets, with hose for lengthen, with different intensities, etc., and you can include the drain with extractor or crusher. Your kitchen will work differently with just one detail once you finish the kitchen renovations at a cost that is low enough for your specifications.

LA Webb Construction is a well-established business offering reliable services of deluxe kitchen renovations at low cost that ensure the works in your house will be completed change the way your house looks.