Today we explain the basic issues that need to be known about the granny flats in Perth, including what precautions to take.

The easiest formula to add granny flats in Perth at cost up to your budget limits to a house can be to incorporate the terrace to the habitable meters, make a closing or add part of the outside area of ​​an attic. But there are also more complex options that go through rehabilitating an existing building on a farm, placing a prefabricated module in the garden or building an extra building attached to an existing building. In case you have any doubts, here we explain 8 things that you may not know about granny flats in Perth at cost that is accessible.

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  1. What is considered home extensions and granny flats in Perth?

It is a space that in most cases complements, or depends on, a main use. It’s any addition to an initial volume. With the passage of time the needs of people and families tend to vary and this is a very interesting resource in these cases to gain space in a home.

  1. How is it projected?

For this type of projects, it is very important to have a professional. First of all, you have to study and analyse what possibilities you have to add space to your home, what use you are going to give it and what budget you have.

  1. What types of granny flats in Perth at cost that is low are there?
  • Enclosures: Are those cases in which a terrace, a balcony, a porch or part of a patio is added to a dwelling. This denomination is also usually applied when in an attic space is stolen from the terrace by closing a part, even if it is not properly used as a dwelling.
  • Exempt or semi-detached: If you have a single-family home you can opt for exempt annexes, such as the typical wooden garden house. They can also be attached to some wall of the house. Consider granny flats in Perth at costs that you won’t believe.
  • New or existing: This case would be when a new volume is added to the house, whatever its purpose. Also, when there is a structure already in the land of a house, such as a haystack or a garage, and it is rehabilitated.
  1. What is the most common solution when thinking of granny flats in Perth at cost that is low?

The most typical solution is usually to extend the surface of a house on the ground floor, either by making a loft inside or incorporating the terrace or an exterior space through an enclosure. But you must always keep in mind that all these actions must comply with the regulations in force in each area and ensure that our home has not exceeded the allowed building meters.

In single-family homes they are usually done in the most traditional way: townhouses with the same finish as the original volume. In the city, the possibilities are more limited so the most common is to occupy a balcony, terrace or attic.

  1. What materials can be used in the construction of granny flats in Perth at costs that are attached to your budget?

There are as many types of materials as there are types of annexes. The structure can be made of wood, brick, metal … and the final coating of fibre cement panels, wood slats, slate, mirror and, even, plant wall. On many occasions these annexes are usually prefabricated elements that contrast with the existing architecture, or simply extensions of the house that maintain the same aesthetic characteristics.

  1. Is there a minimum of meters for an annex in a dwelling?

These actions do not have to have a minimum surface defined. They depend on the use they are intended for. It is not the same to extend a living room by closing a terrace to create a small work area than to make a loft for an occasional bedroom for visitors, they will surely feel comfortable in granny flats in Perth at cots that are very low.

  1. What precautions should be taken when embarking on such a project?

In an urban environment you have to make sure that the structure of the building will support the extension. Many of them are made of aluminium or wood precisely so as not to add much weight. In a rural area, if it is a terraced structure, the same precautions as for a new construction should be taken into account, that is to say, make a good foundation so that the added pavilion does not sink and separate from the main volume.

  1. What kind of licenses or permits are necessary?

The permits that have to be requested will depend on the size of the work, so the type of license and procedures will be different. Basically, there are two types:

  • Minor work: when the action does not involve touching existing or new building structures.
  • Major work: in case of new construction or when an existing structure is to be rehabilitated.

In any case, it is important to take into account the regulations in force at national, regional and municipal levels, since they vary from one place to another. There are specific issues that are regulated in them, such as the distance that must be left between buildings, between them and the street, access to it if they had to be contemplated, the maximum buildability in certain plots, the height allowed, etc.

It is also advisable to consult the rules and statutes established by the communities of owners with regard to enclosures and maintenance of certain aesthetics, which can also occur in housing developments of single-family homes.

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