With enough creativity and proper help, you will get bathroom tile ideas in Perth that will change everything. Where others see dust, rubble, sacks of cement blocking the hall and several days with a man (or several) working in your private space, we see a better, more comfortable and more beautiful future, all this thanks to our second to none bathroom tile ideas in Perth.

A renovation involves several important phases. In fact, in the post of the next tweet I strongly recommend 8 steps to plan it and avoid problems. Bear in mind that with LA Webb Construction you will receive the best bathroom tile ideas in Perth.

Luckily, the professionals who carry them out have a habit of working with the result in mind, something that allows us to savour a priori less aesthetic intermediate actions, such as chopping walls or mixing cements.

But there is something that, in our experience, excites everyone, experts and first timers. And it is the choice of materials and bathroom tile ideas in Perth what has boosted our services consistently.

There is something magical about finding the perfect tile for our bathroom and assemble it according to the bathroom tile ideas in Perth we offer. Just focusing on it, installing it in our imagination, generates good vibrations of change and improves life.

And today we will give a little technical support to that fantasy torrent that will occur in your head when you consider replacing that old tiled with a brand new and modern landscape of colours and completely new finishes.

  1. What type if lighting does your bathroom have?

It is not the same if you have plenty of natural lighting than if only artificial light gets to your place. If you have a window, you can choose your tiles with total freedom. But if the bathroom is very dark, you better consider strengthening its luminosity with bright and light-coloured tiles. All this is achievable with our bathroom tile ideas in Perth.

  1. How big is your bathroom?

Another key question. Depending on its shape, some tiles or others will hit it. For small bathrooms, again, light colours, such as white, beige or soft grey, which will give them a feeling of spaciousness.

If your bathroom has low ceilings, put tiles in vertical arrangement to make them appear taller. On the contrary, if the ceilings are high, arrange them horizontally so that the room is wider. Great bathroom tile ideas in Perth will complement this greatly.

  1. Let’s go with the style now: Rustic? Nordic? Mediterranean?

If you want to give your moment of grooming a rural aesthetic, you have stone tiles and finishes on blackboards and granites that will delight you while you shower. They are generally more expensive than basic tiles, but the feeling of renewing in a natural environment will take you to your own private spa. Our bathroom tile ideas in Perth are excellent if you want to make everything more elegant and luxurious.

If you are looking for something beachier, you can opt for glass tiles and their colourful catalogue of aesthetic details. They are perfectly complemented by the hydraulic ceramics that many models imitate, and you can dream every day that you are removing sand and salt after coming back from the beach.

Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramics, but of higher quality and strength, and are very easy to maintain and wash. But bear in mind that quality bathroom tile ideas in Perth can make the most out of something small.

In addition to the material, you have to take into account that there are many finishes in each category with very successful imitations of other materials, such as imitation of wood, marble, mud, and many other textures.

  1. Interesting colour combinations

The basic and more traditional option is to tile the entire bathroom with the same tiles. This gives uniformity and does not complicate your life. Although, if you want my personal opinion, it’s time to play and have fun. To risk and bet on the originality of a bathroom that nobody has ever seen anywhere else.

And for that, nothing better than combining contrasting colours and textures. For example, that of light walls and a dark ceiling. Great for high ceilings, and very elegant if we also decorate the floor in a dark tone.

Another very common idea that we love is to give the shower or bathtub its own style, tiling its environment differently from the rest of the bathroom. Remember that all this can be complemented with our superior bathroom tile ideas in Perth.

In this way you will be able to subdivide both areas and, on the one hand, visually expand your toilet, creating distinct areas.

Another option is to paint the wall up to medium height with waterproof paint and complete the rest with tiles. It is very elegant and allows you to achieve very original combinations. The same feeling can be achieved by placing large tiles in one part and smaller tiles in another. With our superior bathroom tile ideas in Perth you can achieve your goals in terms of visual appeal.

If you love the gratifying feeling of entering a pool of tiny tiles, you can imitate that detailed mosaic in your own bathroom, opting for matching colour combinations. And if your bathroom is narrow, you can always opt for the almond tree trick of our great tiling experts: place dark tiles on the narrow wall and contrast them with light tiles on the elongated side walls. The visual result is spectacular and seems to increase the thickness of your toilet.

  1. All in: bet everything on a spectacular wall

Choose the main wall of the bathroom, only one. And make it look beautiful with that vibrant tile, impossible or with an irresistible personality. With our superior bathroom tile ideas in Perth.

The rest of the walls cover them with other simpler tile models, which generate an interesting contrast but give stardom to your main wall.

If the cleanliness is – all creativity studies affirm it – one of the most inspiring spaces and moments of your day to day, opting for this option will become your centre of instant creation.

Finally, combine everything with a spectacular floor, easy to clean and maintain, and safe against the permanent humidity of your bathroom.

And remember, LA Webb Construction is the right place to look for bathroom tile ideas in Perth.