Looking for home renovation in Scarborough is, usually, related to an important economic investment. What things you should know before facing a work and how to renew the different environments.

Few times in life can we buy a new house or move to the place we want, but making spare parts is available to everyone if we save some money or take out a loan and plan different stages. We can gradually renovate each environment and renovate our home in a process of months or even years. We share some ideas on how to remodel a house without major investments or works that pass us from stress.

Home renovation in Scarborough is an art that may surprise us: more than once it is hard for us to believe before and after a bath, a kitchen or a bedroom after a renovation. Whether to modernise a house, to change a style or to fix breaks or deterioration, with a good repair we can completely renovate our home.

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How to refurbish a house

If you are one of those who have decided to buy an old house, inherited a property or need to renovate your home for many years, do not worry: no matter how bad some spaces have, everything can be improved.

The best thing we can do when planning a renovation is to evaluate with time what we want to do, ask for budgets and ask what kind of work it demands and how many weeks or months of work each part entails. There are three key issues that, well analysed, prevent errors and unnecessary expenses.

If we are thinking about economic and simple renovations, the budgets are more limited and, the work times are shorter. But more than once, especially in the case of kitchen renovations, we underestimate deadlines and costs and then we find a problem difficult to navigate.

You must assume from the outset that a “radical change” of your house will not be economical, because a major home renovation in Scarborough is usually expensive. For there are ways to spend less if you plan things well and learn which arrangements are more expensive and which demand less investment. From there, according to your desire and possibilities, order your priorities and move forward.

Home renovation in Scarborough: what you should know

The fundamental thing when planning a renovation is to be clear about your priorities: think about what you want to achieve. It is not the same to renovate only one bathroom than to make a comprehensive renovation. Nor is it the same to make a traditional renovation (lifting walls, etc.) than opting for dry work and cutting execution and budget times. If we are going to modify the distribution of the house we must consult with an architect and also define what materials and coverings we want to put in each place.

If the replacement is a simple change of face, without throwing walls, lifting floors or making changes at the structural level, the thing is simpler. But, even so, we kept in mind that, inevitably, a renovation – especially if it is in bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms – usually requires changes in water outlets and drains, in pipes, in sockets and points of light and in coatings.

One of the main excuses or factors that discourage us when starting work at home is time. As fast as it is, a remodel always alters the routine and the order of the home, making it difficult to find the ideal moment. But doing a “refresh” at home renews energy and totally changes a space.

Renovating your kitchen when you get home renovation in Scarborough

If your house is small and you want to enlarge it, there are small tricks that help us create much wider spaces: take advantage of the outdoor space (like a small patio or terrace to enjoy with the family) or grow up, adding a second level. You may be interested: different types of stairs for indoor and outdoor.

Keep in mind that the extensions are not all external. If the house has many environments and partitions, it is advisable to eliminate some to have ample spaces, which will make the feeling of spaciousness inside the house multiply considerably, creating a much more welcoming and social environment.

If the height allows it, it is important to raise the ceilings to expand the space, but having analyzed well where the facilities will be passed.

The small environments can be reset with good decoration tricks, which give the feeling of a much wider space. We share some keys to decorate a small kitchen or a small bathroom.

By painting and renovating the curtains you can renew a lot of atmosphere: you can see ideas of interior paint colors and window curtain models.

How to renovate an old house

Renovating environments has its complexity, but when we want to find out how to renovate an old house, things get even more difficult, because more than once we have to touch structures and rethink measures. In general, it involves changes in the facade, in the interior and in the domestic equipment. A refresh is not enough. Ideally, in these cases, an architect or builder will see the plans and advise us.

A good idea is to renovate the exterior with modern colour combinations, which completely renew the look of the house.

Bathroom renovations

The bathroom is one of the environments that most need periodic renovation, both for the pipes and for the wear of the coatings, paint and artefacts. In addition, fashions change and new possibilities arise that add comfort and we can take advantage. Changes you can make:


Check the pipe: the first thing to renovate in a bathroom is usually the pipe. At a minimum, you should check that it is OK before changing coverings or bathroom furniture. The most modern pipes last for years and are more efficient.

Change coatings and painting colours: coloured walls are widely used. In general, they look great on a single wall, combining with wood or smoothed cement.

Replace the bathtub with a shower during home renovation in Scarborough

It is one of the most classic renovations in the bathrooms, it allows to save space, gain in practicality and accessibility by getting older or suffering some kind of reduced mobility. You can read: how to decorate a small bathroom.

You can also think about adding a whirlpool and making some changes to put together a spa at home. Also, if you have space and budget, do not forget about the benefits of the sauna.

Change shower curtains for glass screens. It is very fashionable and is usually a good solution to keep the bathrooms cleaner.

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