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LA Webb Construction is an experienced business offering premium building services to build granny flats in Perth WA. We have many years of experience offering the most reliable service in the area at very affordable prices, making sure our clients are happy with the results and helping Australians have the house they always dreamed of. With our home renovations in Perth WA, all your goals will be achieved whether the project is aimed as an investment property or for residential purposes. We are dedicated to ensuring the end outcome is what you are after which is made possible with our unique collaborative approach that we adopt to keep communication and planning channels open for the life of the project.  


Here at LA Webb Construction, you will find skilled professionals who are proud members of the Western Australia Master Builders Association, so you can have peace of mind knowing all carpenters, painters, tilers and more experts working with us are constantly under training in order to keep track of the latest changes in terms of work standards for the building of granny flats in Perth WA and any legislations that may affect the service we offer. By choosing LA Webb Construction, you can rest assured all your unique requirements will be taken seriously by our highly experienced and skilled workers with a proven track record of successful project completion.


We have full cover for public liability and worker’s compensation so you can have peace of mind knowing your granny flats in Perth WA will be built by a team of responsible professionals using only the best materials in the market. Contact us now for more information, our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions about all our services for home renovations and construction. Call us now!

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