Today we will give you some tips and tricks to give a luxurious touch to our house without spending a lot of money, this way you can complement the work of the renovation company in Perth.

Everyone likes luxury, but most of us cannot afford it. There are some tricks that we can use to make our house look more luxurious without spending too much money. And remember, LA Webb Construction is the right addition to your plan.

  1. Tour the markets and second-hand stores in search of furniture.

You can find some unique pieces that are worth reusing. Many people sell quality furniture at a low price because they move to a smaller place or have bought new furniture. It is worth recovering some of these old furniture pieces by painting or repairing them so that they look new, since they are usually made of wood. This is not something you will need the renovation company in Perth for, but it will surely complete the impact of the renovations done to your place.

  1. Renew rooms replacing old-fashioned curtains and blinds with more modern ones.

Surround the windows with a new moulding and paint it white to give it a touch of light that contrasts with a darker wall. Paint the room a warm colour that goes with the furniture we have in it.

  1. Put laminate flooring

If the carpet is worn, remove it and consider replacing it with a laminate floor, which is much more durable and can illuminate a room. We can buy a laminate floor that mimics other more expensive floor coverings, such as tile or wood. LA Webb Construction is he renovation company in Perth you need to make your house look excellent by helping you put on laminate flooring.

  1. Paint the interior doors and replace the knobs with new ones

They will look like new. It looks like a small detail but it is very important and completely changes the way your doors look.

  1. Illuminate a room with an elegant lamp

Large, dark rooms can come alive and look wonderful with adequate lighting. If we cannot afford to buy a new lamp, we can renew an old one by painting it or changing the screen. At LA Webb Construction you will find the renovation company in Perth you need for proper assistance including recommendations on the lamps that will make your house look more elegant.

  1. Reduce clutter as much as possible and limit the number of decorative items we have in a room

Too much mess makes a house look dishevelled and small. Eliminating clutter can help make a room appear larger and more sophisticated. Remember that our services as the leading renovation company in Perth will help your place look elegant.

  1. Buy three or four vertical mirrors and hang them on the wall forming a set

This can fill a wall without having to add a lot of works of art and is a cheap way to give interest to a room.

  1. Buy new furniture or appliances when the season ends

Most specialty stores have to get rid of merchandise at the end of the season to make room for the new one; if we wait until the items are at balance price, we can save a lot of money.

If we cannot afford to buy new appliances, we can repair any chipped or scratched ones that we already have with a little hand and the repair kits that they sell at hardware stores. Remember that we can assist you with this giving you proper tips as your leading renovation company in Perth.

  1. Renew the kitchen giving a change to the cabinets

You may not have a budget to replace kitchen furniture, but changing doors does not cost much money; You can also paint or line and add new handles to make the furniture look new and luxurious. Bear in mind a renovation is not an activity out of your budget, LA Webb Construction is the renovation company in Perth that offers services at costs that you will fit your budget easily.

  1. Give the bathroom an air of sophistication by clearing the counters

Store towels in a basket and hang artwork on the walls. If we cannot afford to change the floor tiles, the new linoleum patterns mimic the tile floors perfectly and cost much less. Marble gives your bathroom an entirely new touch and make it look more elegant.

Advantages of decorating the bathroom with marble

Marble is a classic element in bathroom decoration. However, it is good to analyse pros and cons when making a decision.

When planning a new bathroom or if you want to do the renovation of an old one, you may be tempted by the idea of ​​using marble for your countertops, floors and bathroom walls. Marble has a reputation as one of the most luxurious home design materials and can certainly create an attractive appearance for any room. However, while there are some obvious benefits to its use in the design of your bathroom, you need to think it well. Before deciding on the marble of your bathroom, you have to consider the pros so you can determine if it is a good option. If you see more advantages than limitations, do not hesitate to contact LA Webb Construction, your renovation company in Perth and an addition to your renovation plan that you cannot miss.


Appearance: When it comes to creating an elegant luxurious look, for the bathroom, marble tiles generally feature attractive veins and swirls that give each piece a unique look, so that no two pieces are exactly alike. The marble also has a soft and shiny finish that reflects the light for a shine effect. The tiles are in a wide range of colours, including white, black, grey, pink, blue and green, thus providing great design flexibility.

Durability: due to the way it is made, marble is an extremely hard material. If you drop a glass on a marble floor, it is very likely to break into hundreds of pieces because the surface is very solid. As a result, marble is one of the most durable options for bathroom tiles. If it is properly maintained, you can count on its marble tile for years. Once you need to change it, do not hesitate to contact your renovation company in Perth, LA Webb Construction.

Bear in mind that if you are looking for home renovation, LA Webb Construction is the renovation company in Perth to contact if you want a professional and specialised service.